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About me.

I'm a designer who specializes in User Experience Design for the web. I always try to incorporate the WOW-factor in design while staying user-centered. I believe design should be engaging (also on a emotional level) and shift paradigms when the opportunities are there.


I mostly work on a freelance basis, but I'm always open for interesting offers. Clients I've worked for include Iamsterdam, Albert Heijn, Thiememeulenhof, Gerritse, D-reizen, Beeld en geluid, Wacom, Jeanne Dekkers Architecture.

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Johnny Holland.

JH is all about interaction and experience design. It's a collaborative initiative from the Johnnies where we talk, discuss and share our findings, questions and curiosities with the rest of the world.

Together with @jeroenvangeel, Bob Karreman and Joel Laumans I've been responsible for putting up the first version of Johnny Holland in 2008. After this I've mostly been writing about physical (tangible) interactions and psychology for JH. In 2009 my time got more scarce and I had to stop my writing activities.

As of 2011 I'm back in the saddle again working on the new version of JH. If you feel the uncontrollable need to share your knowledge on experience design with Johnny, don't hesitate to drop a line.

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Work & Play.


Jeanne Dekkers Architecture is an architecture agency based in Delft. Unique is how they approach a project, starting with the location (a gift) and continue working from there on, always looking for the essence.

The essence of their new website is communicating their work and vision, focussing soley on the information, large photography and clear text, minimizing the use of interface elements and staying true to their visual identity. There is room to discover. An example of this is a photography timeline of some projects from sketches to reality. Visually reverting the page and loading in pictures in a horizontal gallery. Coding is done together with Bob Karreman.

Visit their website, Homepage proposal, Project detail proposal, Gallery proposal


'Lekker boers' is a small festival organized by 2 friends, for a crowd of 300. It thrives on the enthousiasme of the two organizers who do this purely to have fun. I created a simple indentity using metric shapes positioned over photos and let the organizers fill the rest in with markers. In this way they could still get their hands dirty and thereby the fun of them putting it together stays intact.

More (and better) pictures coming up.

Positioning | Brand development | Web

  • Client: Foreyet
  • Job: Positioning | Branddevelopment | Design

In 2010 two people from Siemens started their own company, soon two from Prorail joined. They focus on extremely high-end ICT solutions (like modernizing the information network of the Dutch railways, NS). I gave a series of workshops and guided them in defining their vision and positioning, coming up with a brand name and getting started with an identity. I also delivered templates for their website.

Visit their website


  • What: Speakup (My Graduation project)

For this project I set out to design a (tangible) product to stimulate collaboration and social involvement within a work environment. To achieve this I focussed on stimulating ad-hoc social interactions. Analyzing these spontanious, (often) non work-related happenings that have a playful character, and translating this into a prototype which keeps these characteristics intact has been a great (and fun) challenge. Subtlety has been paramount in finding the right balance.

I did this project at the ID studiolab within the industrial design faculty of the TU Delft.

Download my thesis


D-reizen is the biggest travelagency in the Netherlands. Their new website revolutionizes the way people search for holidays and travel on the web. For the first users are able to search for a 'romantic weekend in Linz' or 'child friendly bungalows in Sevilla' instead of only using a datepickers and dropdowns to choose a destination. A team effort which I worked on for two months.

Check out the website

Web | Mobile | Installation | Research

  • Project:Transparent Spaces
  • Through: Self-initiated
  • Job: Co-founder | Designer | Researcher

A project which explores how we can use online data and data from the physical environment, to improve social cohesian in physical spaces. Important issues are the relationships between, and different interpretations of, data. As well as providing interaction triggers based on this social data.

This project took up almost 2 years of our time and was laid to rest in 2010. It has been a great experience. For more information please drop a line


Gerritse is a big hardware supplier in the Netherlands which is targeted at the construction industry. Fabrique designed a webshop for them which is focussed on the workflow of the industry. A team effort which I worked on for four months.

Check out the website


For the Amsterdam Tourist Board Fabrique designed a website which provides all the information you need to plan your trip to Amsterdam. I worked on the Visiting portal during a period of 4 weeks as a Junior interaction designer. In 2009 won both an European Design Award and a german IF award.

Check out the website


Thiememeulenhoff is a large publisher of educational material in the Netherlands. I created the designproposals for the application that's part of their music teachingmethod.


  • Client: NOS
  • Job: Designer | Concept | Positioning

In 2009 the NOS wanted to gather ideas for their new website. They approached a group of designstudents and asked if we could come up with design proposals for their homepage. With 2 others I conducted 32 interviews with their targetgroup which I used as input to design a proposal. The redesign focussed on being a newsportal divided between news & sports (their two big pillars). Their actual new website can be viewed here.

Check my proposal


  • Client: Sophia Childrenshospital
  • Through: HRO (a school project)
  • Job: Concept | Research

For the Sophia Childrenshospital we came up with a concept for children between the age of 3 and 8 years old that need be physically isolated for longer periods of time. We developed a 'buddy' which monitors the child's health 24/7 through sensors. Next to that it learnes from gestures, sound and touch, and comes up with a response thereby also providing the patient with a playmate.


Artstart is busy with building the largest digitalist art library in the Netherlands. We came up swith a concept to make this accesible. We've broken the traditional trail of artist-galleryholder-consumer and connected the artist directly to the consumer. Hereby we made the market more transparent and the process of buying art more accesible.

Check out the proposal